Encouraging walkability and boosting the sense of belonging to the urban space through access to multidisciplinary experiential knowledge – local culture, history etc.

  • Outlining the tour by initiative of the Head of the Education and Community Administration, Ilan Vaknin, and led by Architect Roi Fabian.
  • The tour was attended by dozens of principals in the municipal education system
  • A tailored tour for students is being developed with the help of local teachers.
  • A tour was also coordinated and attended by municipal professionals to examine and highlight the importance of facing into the street and the preservation of the trees as well as urban renewal projects throughout the city.
Ilan Vaknin
Head of Education and Community Administration, Nahariya
Roni Peled
Tour guide, Nahariya
Roy Fabian
Architect and artist

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Developing city tours to encourage a sense of belonging and a stronger connection together, with the Municipal Education Administration.

Data-based mapping and analysis to improve walkability and stay in public spaces

Kiryat Bialik

City residents planting 200 young trees at Neot Afek, Kiryat Bialik


Creative outdoor workspace for the city’s youth.


local street gallery


Creating a physical infrastructure to encourage stay for a variety of residents in the town square


Interdisciplinary Competition for Urban Planning in Nahariya

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