• Each year a call for proposal comes out describing the requirements for participation in the program and how to apply. Follow our Facebook page for all updates. You can also leave your information here and we will contact you when the call is out. In the meantime, you are welcome to read the latest to be published in June 2021.
  • Everyone can feel free to contact us. However, at the launch of the program, we would require at least two representatives, of whom from the Planning or Strategy Department. In addition, one of the prerequisites for participation in the program is the support of the mayor.

  • Mayors. Our experience shows time and again that if the mayor is not with us, projects simply won’t happen. In local authorities where mayors had recognized the importance and benefits that “Haira” brings, and valuable projects proved to be successful. So, honorable mayor – it would be impossible without you! Your involvement and support are vital to our work with your staff. Without you, this ship won’t get very far.

A. Creating spaces that encourage stay and activity in the public space
B. Promoting walkability within the city
C. Enriching the city’s green infrastructure

  • An urban space that we developed together based on all the principles of the program. To read more about the process, click here.
  • Knowledge, tools, and streamlined work processes for the development of urban spaces. All of these stay with you after the program is over.
  • Professional guidance by the multidisciplinary team of Haira throughout the entire process.
  • Budget for the implementation of projects in the public space.
  • Assistance in forming relationships with various partners for the purpose of obtaining budgets or services to develop projects in the city (read more about this section in answer to question number 6).
Once “Haira” is in town, we work together with a multidisciplinary team, headed by a senior leader who is in direct contact with Mayor and assists in advancing processes for the effective implementation of the program. It is important to understand that the success of the program depends on the degree of connectivity of city staff to the goals of the program and the values ​​it brings. In other words, to be successful we need dedicated people who can lead processes efficiently, consistently and with great enthusiasm.

Definitely. We are well versed in our field of expertise and the many opportunities it offers to the cities we work with. In fact, one of the main benefits we bring to the process is the creation of strategic or specific connections with diverse partners, that bring immense value to the city and the ability to connect is a significant tool in Haira’s toolkit.

The program lasts three years.

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