Local Government Testimonials

The Haira program is a blessing to Nahariya’s education administration. The program enables ‘out of the box’ thinking while harnessing resources and partnerships. The program leasers are trailblazers of forward-thinking community concepts to further promote education and community in our city.
Ilan Vaknin
Head of the Education Administration, Nahariya Municipality
The Haira program has been operating in our city for two years now. Contrary to other projects, this is not specific or ad hoc and that is what makes it such a unique process. The city staff are partners in promoting the vision of sustainability in places where it is so lacking, while the community, together with city workers, receives professional tools to promote planning for sustainability. Haira’s contribution to our city and the community is a blessing and deserving of all praises. On this occasion, on behalf of the Municipality of Nahariya and its residents, I would like to send a big thank you to all the partners namely, the Beracha Foundation.
Roni Levi
Head of the City Planning Department, Nahariya Municipality
The Haira program is an example of working in a space that is fun. I enjoy taking part in the open discussions and experience the collaboration and knowledge sharing the program enables. Thinking is big and innovative, and it gives the feeling that anything can be done if we only decide it is important enough. the strong team of women leading the program is truly an inspiration, providing guidance that helps one focus on what’s important.
Shani Senior Shiloah
Deputy Head of Community Centers and Director of the Culture and Community Department, Municipality of Arad
The Haira program joins forces and harnesses resources to promote meaningful projects within the city.
Flori Sterling
Deputy Mayor of Arad
The Haira Project provided me with new ways to rethink the city and my work in it. Thanks to the program, I got to know more people here and a great platform to develop the Yama Gallery together with the gallery team and the circle of friends.
Maya Prat
Director of the Tarbut' Movement
The Haira Program enables various communities throughout the city connect while promoting sustainability through fruitful cooperation between Haira and the city.
Nissim Ben Hemo
Mayor of Arad
There are a few ways to characterize most of the local authorities in Israel, especially in the social and geographical periphery, namely, the need to work with the head just about above the water – busy work, red tape, and total dependency on the government. The Haira program throws a much- needed lifebuoy. It enables teams to sit, discuss and plan – think forward for the benefit of the residents. It also adds new and fascinating thought directions while challenging the system to think outside the box, thus leading to the birth of creative projects that provide added value for years to come.
Orel Aloni
Director of Local Business Growth
The program introduced me to the world of urban sustainability and the importance of construction combined with shading to encourage public gatherings.
Dana Weinstein
Director of the Youth Center, City of Nahariya
As part of my day to day, I handle applications for permits and the building inspection is very focused, detailing only the needs of the building itself. The examination is very technical in accordance with the national and municipal overall construction plans and regulations. Environmental matters are almost overlooked. Thanks to the Haira program, in terms of my professional position, the environmental layer is now more noticeable in permit application tests i.e., how does the building fit in the landscape? What kind of street front are we getting? Mature trees, common gardening ... and by and large, a broader systemic view. In terms of the organizational structure of the municipality and also in terms of planning and stakeholder participation. Thanks to the activities of Haira, I was also able to work with people from other departments in the municipality with whom I had not previously had actual interaction. In the personal professional aspect, I was given the opportunity for a to be on the other side of the of thing- from a permit inspector to being the developer. I have learned through this so many new things that... but to sum up in one word, it is sustainability.
Chen Haroush
Permit Inspector and Planning information Scientist, Nahariya Municipality

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