A combination of nature-based solutions at the Ga’aton, Nahariya as a basis for optimal and sustainable urban renewal for the benefit

of both local residents and nature. Link to the competition page

  • Creatin a broad, cross-sectorial partnership
  • Harnessing resources to launch the competition
  • PR moves and field work to raise awareness among a wide audience, particularly the residents of Nahariya.
  • Allocating budget to implementing a chose solution based on nature and reviving the river.


Ministry of Construction and Housing
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Agma Center for basins and streams
Association of Architects and Urban Builders in Israel
Western Galilee Drainage and Streams Authority

עוד פעולות שיצרו שינוי חיובי במרחב הציבורי:

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Developing city tours to encourage a sense of belonging and a stronger connection together, with the Municipal Education Administration.

Data-based mapping and analysis to improve walkability and stay in public spaces

Kiryat Bialik

City residents planting 200 young trees at Neot Afek, Kiryat Bialik


Creative outdoor workspace for the city’s youth.


local street gallery


Creating a physical infrastructure to encourage stay for a variety of residents in the town square


Interdisciplinary Competition for Urban Planning in Nahariya

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